We can't let Dubs children spend any more time living in refugee camps.

Last year, the Court of Appeal has ruled that the government acted unlawfully in not giving reasons to children refused entry to Britain under the Dubs Amendment.

Now the next step is to ensure that all 480 spaces are filled before the end of the year. Write to your MP using our template, and tell them that no eligible child should have to face another cold winter on the streets.

It has now been three years since the southern part of the Calais 'Jungle' was evicted - after which 129 unaccompanied children were unaccounted for. We still don't know where they

Today, in northern France, over 150 lone children sleep in forests. In Greece, over 2200 are on the waiting list for shelter – and more than 700 of them are recorded as “homeless” or with “no location reported.”

In just under two-and-a-half-years, the British government has failed to fill nearly half the places available for these children under the Dubs Amendment.

The Home Office promised to resettle 480 children, and after two-and-a-half-years, nearly half those places remain unfilled. In that time, thousands of children have gone missing. If we don’t act now, more vulnerable unaccompanied children will be forced into the hands of smugglers and traffickers.

We need the government to stop dragging its heels, and help the children it promised to help before it’s too late. We need to show the Home Office that the British public support the relocation of unaccompanied children to the UK. With your support, we want to reopen the Dubs Amendment with our appeal on July 25th, and put pressure on the Home Office to fill all 480 places for unaccompanied child refugees.

Join us in calling for #DubsNow. Together let’s show our government that we are not hostile; we are compassionate, welcoming and ready to offer refuge to some of the most vulnerable children in Europe.

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