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We should protect unaccompanied child refugees, not abandon them.

The Dubs Amendment, tabled by former child refugee Lord Alf Dubs, was passed in April 2016 with the intention of bringing vulnerable unaccompanied children in Europe to safety in the UK. The Government identified, assessed and transferred 200 children under the scheme during the demolition of the Calais ‘Jungle’ last year. But since then, progress has come to a complete standstill.

In June, Help Refugees launched a judicial review of the Home Office’s management and implementation – or lack thereof – of the Dubs Amendment. After receiving a negative decision on 2ndNovember 2017, we have sought permission to appeal. Yet regardless of the judgement, the government’s existing obligations stand.

The Home Office promised to resettle 480 children, and after 18 months, 280 of those places remain unfilled. If we don’t act now, vulnerable unaccompanied children will once again be forced to face the freezing temperatures of a European winter from the floors of flimsy tents.

At least four children lost their lives last year at our border in Calais before the Amendment was implemented, some waiting to be with their families in the UK. It is heartbreaking and we cannot let this happen again.

We need the government to stop dragging its heels, and help the children it promised to help before it’s too late. We need to show Amber Rudd and the Home Office that the British public support the relocation of unaccompanied children to the UK. With your support, we want to put pressure on Amber Rudd to fill all 480 places for unaccompanied child refugees before the end of the year.