Being reunited with family members can be a life changing moment, bringing together loved ones who had been torn apart by war and violence.

But the UK's restrictive laws on refugee family reunion are keeping families apart.

Right now, the UK is the only country in the EU that does not allow unaccompanied refugee children to sponsor their close relatives to join them. 

Adult refugees are not allowed to sponsor their children if they have just turned 18. They cannot bring elderly relatives who are reliant on them.

We have an opportunity to change these rules – but to do so, we all need to act now.

On Wednesday 16th January, the Immigration and Social Security Bill will have its second reading in the House of Commons. 

We need as many MPs as possible to attend and call on the government to:

  • Expand the criteria of who qualifies as a family member for the purposes of refugee family reunion allowing adult refugees in the UK to sponsor their adult children and siblings that are under the age of 25; and their parents.
  • Give unaccompanied refugee children in the United Kingdom the right to sponsor their parents and siblings that are under the age of 25 to join them under the refugee family reunion rules.

Write to your MP with this template now. Try to personalise it, so that the MP knows why this matters to you.

We are all strongest when together – so let’s make our collective voice heard, and help reunite refugee families.