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Our heroic NHS doctors are stretched to breaking point. At the same time there are hundreds of overseas-qualified doctors, many of whom arrived in the UK as refugees, that right now are not permitted to practice. 

The General Medical Council must urgently make the registration process for overseas-qualified doctors faster and more straight-forward so doctors who could be saving lives, are saving lives. 

Our NHS already benefits from having doctors from around the world as part of it. Indeed, the first four NHS doctors to die from coronavirus were originally from Sudan, Pakistan and Nigeria -- they had all come here to serve the people of the UK. 

Currently many of the doctors who are not yet registered are working driving cars, stocking shelves or stuck at home -- what unites them is the desire to be allowed to do what they dedicated their lives to: helping others. 

Many of those waiting on this paperwork process have degrees from the same universities of those already serving in the NHS. Some come from working under pressure in war zones or with scant resources -- valuable experience at this moment which the Department of Health has described as a ‘conflict’ response.

With a quarter of all practicing doctors already forced into self-isolation we don’t have a minute to lose.

RefuAid and Help Refugees 

TO DOCTORS - if you are a doctor and want to support this campaign, please do sign the petition but also get in touch with  contact@helprefugees.org