We’re asking senior political figures across the UK to take a break from Brexit to focus on the urgent humanitarian emergency in Syria.

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One million children are still trapped in Idlib province, facing Russian and regime airstrikes and horrific barrel bombs. Since April 30th, over 545 civilians including 137 children have been killed. At least 2000 more have been injured. The silence from British politicians is deafening.

What you can do:

Write to your MP and demand that they do everything they can to protect those trapped in Idlib. You can use our template - it only takes 30 seconds.

We’re asking leaders and leadership candidates to take a break from Brexit and tell us what they plan to do to protect the estimated one million children still trapped in Idlib.

The UK is an incredibly powerful country with a seat at the UN Security Council. But the inaction on Syria is costing the lives of the most vulnerable. 33 children have been killed since June 24th, compared to 31 children killed during all of 2018. A further 450,000 people have been forced to flee their homes. That’s why we want the head of every political party to answer one straightforward question: what will you do to protect the million children trapped under bombs in Idlib?

Photo credit: Mohammad AlHaj Ahmad